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Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Seats

Etihad Airways Seat Maps

Airbus A330-200 Seat Map 22J/240Y

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Etihad Airbus A330-200 Economy Class.

Economy Class.

240 Seats.

2-4-2 configuration.

31.5 - 33 inch seat pitch.

17.5 inch seat width.


AC Power.


A6-EYD, A6-EYE, A6-EYF, A6-EYG, A6-EYH, A6-EYI, A6-EYJ, A6-EYK, A6-EYL, A6-EYM, A6-EYN, A6-EYO, A6-EYP, A6-EYQ, A6-EYR and A6-EYS.

Etihad Airbus A330-200 Business Class.

22 Business Class Lie Flat Seats.

73 inch Bed Length.

20 inch Seat Width.


AC Power.

USB Socket, Ethernet Port and Audio Jack.

Business Class.