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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Etihad Add Extra Jeddah.


Etihad will increase services on the Abu Dhabi – Jeddah route from 14 to 16 weekly from 10th January 2013 with the addition of a new Thursdays and Saturdays A320 service operating to the following schedule:

EY333 Abu Dhabi 0900 – Jeddah 1100
EY334 Jeddah 1225 – Abu Dhabi 1555.

Etihad A320 A6-EIM EY286 Chennai Diversion.


Etihad A320 A6-EIM operating EY286 Abu Dhabi – Bangalore (divert Abu Dhabi 26th December) diverted to Chennai this morning. The aircraft later continued Chennai – Bangalore as EY286A.

Etihad A340-600 A6-EHK Operates Delayed Paris Service.


Etihad A340-600 A6-EHK operated this morning’s delayed EY31 Abu Dhabi – Paris CDG this afternoon using callsign EY31A.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETA Operates Delayed Lahore Service.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETA operated yesterday’s EY241/EY242 Abu Dhabi – Lahore rotation this morning as EY241B/EY242B.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYO Operates Delayed Lahore Service.


Etihad A330-200 A6-EYO operated yesterday’s delayed EY241/EY242 Abu Dhabi – Lahore rotation this morning as EY241A/EY242A.

Etihad A330-300 A6-AFB Operates London Heathrow Extra.


Etihad A330-300 A6-AFB operated an additional Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow today as EY8255/EY8256.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETL Enters Service.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETL entered service this morning operating EY371 Abu Dhabi – Bahrain.

Etihad A330-300 A6-AFB Operates Casablanca Extras.


Etihad A330-300 A6-AFB operated Abu Dhabi – Casablanca this morning as EY8250 then Casablanca – Al Ain as EY8252 and Al Ain – Abu Dhabi as EY8253.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETI EY403 Phuket Rescue Mission.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETI operated EY403 as Bangkok – Phuket – Abu Dhabi today rather than the usual direct Bangkok – Abu Dhabi routing. The detour was to collect passengers delayed by the return of Air Berlin A330-200 D-ABXA to Phuket yesterday with an engine issue whilst operating AB7425 Phuket – Abu Dhabi.

Etihad A320 A6-EIR Enters Service.


Etihad A320 A6-EIR entered service today operating EY382 Abu Dhabi – Muscat.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETL Delivered.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETL departed Paine Field on delivery to Abu Dhabi today as EY9048. This is the second three class Boeing 777-300ER in the fleet and brings the total fleet up to 12 aircraft.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYS Operates Abu Dhabi Circuits.


Etihad A330-200 A6-EYS operated an Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi flight as EY9001 this morning making numerous circuits of the airfield.

Etihad A320 A6-EIR Delivered.


Etihad A320 A6-EIR departed Finkenwerder on delivery to Abu Dhabi today as EY9047.

A330-300 A6-AFC Operates Al Ain – Casablanca Charter.


Etihad A330-300 A6-AFC operated Abu Dhabi – Al Ain this morning as EY8246 then operated Al Ain – Casablanca as EY8247 before returning to Abu Dhabi as EY8249.

Etihad A330-200 A6-EYG EY688 Bahrain Diversion.


Etihad A330-200 A6-EYG operating EY688 Tripoli – Abu Dhabi diverted to Bahrain this evening. The aircraft continued to Abu Dhabu after two and a half hours on the ground using callsign EY688A.

B777-300ER A6-ETL Returns from Portland Painting.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETL positioned Portland – Paine Field following painting late this morning.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETM First Flight.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETM made its first flight from Paine Field today as BOE263.

Etihad A320 A6-EIR First Flight.


Etihad A320 A6-EIR made its first flight from Finkenwerder today wearing test registration D-AVVE.

Etihad A340-500 A6-EHA Returns from Singapore.


Following its diversion to Singapore yesterday whilst operating EY460 Abu Dhabi – Melbourne, Etihad A340-500 A6-EHA departed Singapore early this morning operating Singapore – Abu Dhabi as EY461.

Etihad A340-500 A6-EHA EY460 Singapore Diversion.


Etihad A340-500 A6-EHA operating EY460 Abu Dhabi – Melbourne (depart Abu Dhabi 8th December) diverted to Singapore this afternoon due to an unspecified technical problem. The flight has been terminated at Singapore and therefore today’s EY461 Melbourne – Abu Dhabi has been cancelled.

Etihad B777-300ER A6-ETL Positions for Portland Painting.


Etihad Boeing 777-3FXER A6-ETL positioned Paine Field – Portland for painting this morning.